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Did you know...? The Operational Delivery Profession

Colleagues standing in an office, smiling and speaking to each other

The Operational Delivery Profession (ODP) is the Civil Service’s largest profession, with its members making up over half of the Civil Service workforce. They provide services to millions of citizens at home and abroad. It’s likely that you’ll find ODP …

Delivery mission book club: great reads to boost your productivity

A wooden owl reading a book

Over the last month we have been focusing on the topic of what it means to be an ambitious civil servant, and how programmes across departments are helping us deliver outstanding service to the public. In our recent newsletter, we …

What the heck is 'Interoperability'?

It's an odd word with a huge impact and a key part of building A Modern Civil Service. Interoperability means making it easier for different departments to work together, unlocking potential and getting rid of things that slow the job …